Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bingham Family...

I think I am officially the worst blogger EVER! I get so busy with the edits for my clients the last thing I update is my blog....so here is my shout out to go over and become a fan on FB I am pretty good about updating sessions as they happen over there!

I met Jenn and Cole when I shot their wedding back in August. They are DARLING, and I just adore them and their sweet kids! Jenn is also a twin...her sister Jess's new baby's photos to be posted soon! I tend to tell people, if you want a posed photographer, I am NOT your gal. I am all about chasing the kids around. Bribing them with treats, and well doing basically anything I have to in order to capture your little ones personality.

Anyhow, now on to the good part!


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