Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sugar & Spice Boudoir Sessions...

** UPDATE** 

Don't miss out on this chance to pamper yourself and make your sweetie fall even more in love with you ♥

Due to the overwhelming response to Sugar & Spice Sessions I have opened another day!!! January 23rd -- with one spot available for 29 January -- and 22 January completely booked!! 

Contact me NOW to book!! 

xoxo -- SJ

Are you wondering what to give that special someone for Valentines Day? Do you feel like your relationship could use a little Sugar?? Or even a bit more SPICE? Then I have JUST the gift for you...

A Sugar & Spice Session... Give me a call, text (801.866.8670) or email ( with any questions!

xoxo - SJ

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thomson Family...

Chelsea is one of my oldest friends. Doing her family pictures is more like hanging out with one of my oldest friends. We talk about when we were young (we have been friends since we were 5) we talk about High School, and we talk about our moms...who were also best friends. I love that we are still close, and I love even more that she trusts me to capture her sweet family every year. This time around her Mama came along so we could snap a few photos of her with her sweet!

xoxo -- SJ

Ransdell-Page Family...

Sandi and her family were a referral from my amazing client Amanda...she is my referral QUEEN! It is amazing how many clients she has sent my way! I love her to bits! And it makes me so happy that she is so happy with me and her experience with me that she sends everyone my way.

Sandi warned me ahead of time, that I needed to be quick, because her family didn't enjoy photos. I can't tell you how many times I hear this! haha. But every time we end up chatting and just hanging out and before they know it the session is over. This girl and her family are so gorgeous! And I hope to see much more of them!



Sweet sweet Sophia, she is the most adorable and perfect little thing! She snuggled and slept and just looked adorable the entire time I was there. I was tempted to just say, um...let's do photos another day, I am just going to snuggle her. But didn't think that would go over too well ;)

enjoy -- xoxo

Bingham Family...

I think I am officially the worst blogger EVER! I get so busy with the edits for my clients the last thing I update is my here is my shout out to go over and become a fan on FB I am pretty good about updating sessions as they happen over there!

I met Jenn and Cole when I shot their wedding back in August. They are DARLING, and I just adore them and their sweet kids! Jenn is also a twin...her sister Jess's new baby's photos to be posted soon! I tend to tell people, if you want a posed photographer, I am NOT your gal. I am all about chasing the kids around. Bribing them with treats, and well doing basically anything I have to in order to capture your little ones personality.

Anyhow, now on to the good part!