Monday, August 9, 2010


On Friday I lost my best friend.
I lost the one "person" that has been there for me non stop for the past three and a half years. She has been there through tough break ups, lost friends, betrayals, depression, moves, broken engagements, happiness and despair. She loved me unconditionally. She was the first one there when I cried. Cuddled me when I was sick. And bossed me around non stop.

Sydnee Loosle January 7, 2007 - August 6, 2010

I post this not to make you sad, but just mainly as a reminder of how important your photos are. I know that we all don't have money to go out and get family photos taken all of the time. But even those snapshots in every day life can become so priceless. I can not tell you how many times that I thought to myself I WISH I had my camera right now...oh well I'll get it next time. But what if there isn't a next time? Within 48 hours my poor little puppy went from 100% healthy, to being put down due to a serious back injury. I was fortunate enough to be able to take her home and spend the day with her. I was able to capture a few moments. But how I wish I had all of those other moments. So please if anything take this as encouragement to not miss out on doing your family pictures, snapping a few of your children, or your pets. Because you really NEVER know when will be the last time you will have that opportunity. And you never know when that snapshot or portrait will become absolutely priceless...

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Nancy Thompson Mahler said...

Such a sweet pup, I'm sorry. It's never easy to say goodbye... off to heaven with our good and bad doggies :)

Love you,