Friday, March 26, 2010

New Camera...

So 2 weeks ago after finishing up shooting a wedding my dear camera decided to break. Thankfully the shoot was over and I had all the images on the card in my pocket. I was stunned. And very sad. You see my life and love is shooting. I felt so lost with out my camera. I consumed my every thought. I believe that all photographers should really have 2 cameras, just in case. You really never know what is going to happen. So for this reason I had been thinking about buying a new camera to add to my collection. So today I took some personal time from work and headed down to Pictureline. Yes I could have bought my camera cheaper online, but I love the people at Pictureline, plus I have a friend that works there. I would rather pay a little more and build that relationship. Anyhow, I now have my Canon 5D Mark II in hand...and can I say it was love at first sight? And I am pretty sure the feeling was mutual :)

Introducing "Lyla"  (please note these were taken with my iPhone)

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